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Three Must-have Products that Extec Highly Recommends as Great Values:

Diskeeper 10:  We use Diskeeper on our computers because our time is important to us.  Diskeeper keeps our computers running at full speed 24/7 and, with the "Set-It-and-Forget-It" feature enabled, it takes no time or effort on our part.  How important is your time?

The Ultimate Troubleshooter:  We use TUT because it gives us an accurate picture of what programs or running on our computers and straightforward instructions and how to fix any problems. 

Second Copy:  We use Second Copy because we don't want to waste the time and money that it would take to replace our critical data.  How important is the data on your computer?


We use this product and have found it to be a great value:

Webroot SpySweeper:  We run at least 3 anti-spyware programs on all our computers--two free ones (SpyBot Search and Destroy, and Microsoft AntiSpyware) and this commercial product.  Webroot AntiSpyware has won the Editor's Choice award from PCMagazine numerous times.


Extec offers no opinion or recommendation about the following products below. Only use products if you feel you can trust the manufacturer.


The easiest way to e-mail a termite report is by printing the report to a PDF file. (Personal Data Format created as a standard by Adobe Software).  There are now many companies that offer PDF creators, two of which are: CutePDF and PDF995.  Both of these products can be used as freeware but you may have to tolerate some advertising.


Spyware (or malware) applets are annoying, slow down your computer, and may have criminal intent. PC Magazine recommends running two spyware programs concurrently: Spy Sweeper 3.5 and Spybot Search and Destroy.  Microsoft has also gotten into the Spyware business with Microsoft AntiSpyware.

NOTE: You may bypass the spyware Web sites above and download the installation programs directly from these links: Spybot Search and Destroy 1.4 or Microsoft Antispyware.